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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fired from E-Bob!

The wife has given me the official boot from the boards and I gladly heed her request as I have a vested interest in keeping my testicles in tact. We’ll call it a temporary period of plonk probation. Never fear though, I’ll be rocking out w/ my wine cock out a la the appellation hizzy; sans the bickering, tubby old men that hate on this little boy and his subversive, inexperienced wine potty mouth. Hey, at least I’ll be getting laid.

There are a bunch of wild and wooly tastings in store and thousands (literally) of back-logged notes that are ready to gush out onto the ‘ole bloggie. Hopefully my cyber wine withdrawals will harness my focus into this industry w/ the laser like precision of an 80’s rock star’s mullet. I hear wine drinking is good for those types of symptoms….

To kick things off, my senior editor, wife Ejehan, will list her top ten reasons why there aren’t more chicks on wine boards. Stay tuned.


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