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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Stamp of Perfection?!
There are some indications from this article that the technology has the versatility to seek out various flaws in addition to TCA. Perhaps winery-level dilemmas can be nipped early via detection of exaggerated levels of TBA, brett, VA, sulfur...even cooked wines could be dealt w/ in transit, further minimizing consumer anguish.

These characteristics of the promising new invention have several limitations, most likely limiting it's use to industry related personnel...but the positive consequences could be far reaching if it were to be utilized widely. I'd suggest top notch restaurants hire consultant staff to administer tests of their high-end stock, perhaps some distributors could begin to stamp guarantees on their bottles via early detection of flaws to high end products and lucrative, high volume producers can dramatically reduce the likelihood of another 'Pillar Rock disaster' occuring....

Don't want to change to screw caps due to consumer acceptance? Well this may be your expensive ticket...Benefits and implications seem to be far reaching though, especially for older labels and winery-level crisis...your thoughts?


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