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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Domaine Tempier Makes the Most Profound Rose on the Planet

My first taste of the '06 brought forth every impression I had hoped to find in premium pink; all I can do is echo previous sentiments that have praised this flagship, standard bearer of a wine. There are producers in realms of the world that can authentically raise the bar w/ respect to typicity, pedigree and character of their respective breeds of wine, and Tempier certainly has hooked my fancy w/ it's allure of charm and grace.
The color has a beautifully pale watermelon shade and is speckled w/ briliiant hues to the core. The perfumes are one of poetry, w/ cucumber melon, lilac and ripe, crushed strawberries tempting the taster to further investigate. The persistance and length are astounding and transcend the breed of wine w/ such finesse. Echoed flavors of spice, blood orange, tea, red cherries and exotic perfume dance their way to subtle seduction. A commendable effort, that strikes such a pure chord that any nayser of rose certainly would take note to, perhaps bringing the entire category of 'blush' to a different level all by itself.

Sometimes you don't know the true potential of grapes, their processing and terroir in general until you have a maverick unlock it.

Bravo, what class! 91 points. Worth every penny.


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