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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dynamite Rose for a Fair Fare

Bastide Blanche, Bandol Rose '09

A pale (surprisingly so for the appellation) salmon hued rose, draped in iron, sea salt, blood orange & strawberry aromas. From its mildly earthy nose it deepens in the palate, broadening to a savory scope of flavors that I found myself nearly chewing through. Powerful & texturally brilliant, finishing w/ a fine, pebbly edge that dangles a dusty graphite note on a string. Packs a Tempier punch at a discounted fare, 91 points.


Blogger Vincent Fritzsche said...

You're right, so much Bandol rose is delicious. Something like this is worth the price. I'm not buying Tempier its current price though. One quibble - what Bandol rose is darker than this? Every one I can think of -- Tempier, Ott, Pradeaux, ... -- is notably salmon or even lighter. I love that about Bandol rose and rarely find myself enjoying darker rose from anywhere.

Monday, July 12, 2010  
Blogger Brad Coelho said...

Hey Vincent,
Tempier did come down from the '07-'08 vintage (it took a huge hike to some 40 odd dollars but is back in the low 30's last I saw), but I agree- it is so tough to justify w/ the Pibarnons, Mordorees, Guiots etc coming in from 10-20 bucks and delivering similar quality.

As for the color- you're right that Bandol rose isn't dark, but this was very pale, much moreso than the cuvees you've mentioned (which are far from dark, but Bastide was light to a point where I actually noticed it- that said, I'm not much of a 'color' guy).

My wife and I had a terrific rose at a great new restaurant in Williamsburg last night called Walter Foods. It was from Provence, mostly Mourvedre...the name is escaping me- but for 30 dollars & change, it went beautifully w/ their lobster roll (which was like the 21 club burger of lobster rolls). What's better than great rose in the summer?!

Monday, July 12, 2010  

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