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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another April, another spring. 2009 rose campaign begins

The grills are ready to spit their plumes of charcoal dust into thickening skies. The sun readies to stretch its blazing rays an extra minute of an extra day; teasing mercury up the dial past hardened numbers of cool centigrade. Producers begin to loosen their respective cellar belts & cut primary bait. The pink assembly has been capped and greased. The time for heft is dwindling. Unleash your foils for the salty days to come & share your impressions of saignee as you note them.

Mordoree Dame Rousse, CDR Rose '09

The newborn blush has begun to settle into D.C. wine shops, dripping off the rush of spring delivery trucks by the case. A perennial beauty, the workhorse CDR rose from Mordoree, checks in at all of 11 dollars and 19 cents- worth every pink penny. A blast of strawberry, deep red cherry & watermelon notes fold into the thread of round, lush fruit flavors that just won't quit. A bit of warm alcohol spills out off the finish, yet the rest of the package is just about as tasty as Provencal rose gets, 88 points.


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