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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Perhaps the most searing minerality I've experienced in a wine, how 'bout u?

This would be a great example to show to those that ask ‘what does minerality taste (feel) like?' I do think this Closel will round into form once the plastered mineral casing takes a backseat to the fruit.

Domaine Closel, Chateau des Vaults, Clos du Papillon '05
Light gold, w/ a sprinkle of green in the color. From sniff to sniff, the aromas are delineated into two main components: melted candle wax and an effusive nuttiness. The attack hints at quince, saline and spicy lime fruit, which pops almost immediately on the entry. After the initial wave subsides, a dense severity shadows just about anything else. While broad and powerful, the tenor is far from lush, as a heavy mineral coat envelopes the palate like a brick. Backward and pleading for the cellar, I believe that the muted persimmon fruit will really sing once the structure unwinds, 90+ points.

What wine would be your candidate for mineral bath of the year?


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