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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

In case you're wondering...

I haven't taken a nose dive off the reservation, nor have I traded in the Chateauneuf bandwagon for the next big thing. I suppose there is a bit of Chenin fever in the spring air (which I'm going to breath out briefly on this next post), but never fear, CDP will soon be here. I picked up a couple bottles of top flight, early release '07s (that I've tasted in barrel previously) and will post on them a bit later this week. Until then...Vouvray is in the house:

Foreau Vouvray Sec, ‘05
This is a lightning rod of an ’05 Vouvray, w/ an effusive nose; complete with almond, fresh ginger, quince, chive and lemon peel notes. The flavors whirlwind their way through the palate, uncoiling over a flinty, chalk dusted spine. The finish keeps cackling away, firing away mineral notes left and right. In spite of its youth, this ’05 is already fantastic, delivering all the nervy, feather-weight goods I look for in dry Chenin, 92 points.


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