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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Power of Pink

Do fashions in the wine world parallel other types of fashions? How about the herbal fashion of the early 90's, which saw a supplement crazed American population hop on the GNC bandwagon like those magical capsules were packing the cure inside. Wine, although not sold by GNC and prepared in a liquid form, just happened to be another element of the wellness tornado, which swept through the states on November 17, 1991, when CBS's 60 Minutes covered the 'French Paradox' story. The paradox was sensational (the media's number one weapon in attracting their sheep's attention), stating that the cigarette smoking, fat eating, sedentary French had less incidence of heart disease than us model Americans. The answer? Moderate consumption of red wine & its magical ferry dust, called Resveratrol, cuts the risk of heart disease in the face of the other risk factors. All of a sudden, wine is in, and our un-questioning American audience ate it up like a fudge covered brownie for dessert, as American wine consumption sky-rocketed through the roof after the segment (positioning the U.S. to be the number one global consumer of fermented grape juice circa 2010).

While I've stretched things a bit w/ said comparison, wait till you get a load of this doozey. See I get teased quite often for my sense of fashion, which I might add is not terribly far from the norm in terms of ‘European vogue.’ You know, the bright colored shirts, loud ties and, well, lots of pink. When the ridicules fly my way, I’m quick w/ my snappy replies, claiming ‘pink is the new blue!’ Call me crazy, but the color of clothing seems to be mirroring the color of French drinker’s wines. The Telegraph reports that pink wine (or its more politically correct term, rose) is in fact ‘the new white,’ surpassing vin blanc in terms of popularity in France. Now I know why the French have the been tagged w/ all those ‘weenie stereotypes,’ I mean come on, they’re slurpin’ up all that pink!

It has to be true of course, because…I heard it on the news. Now let me take that pesky tongue out of my cheek ;)


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