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Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Bordeaux Resolution

This has been a long time coming. My New Year’s resolution (other than to not make anymore New Year’s resolutions) to get more cozy w/ white Bordeaux has finally come to a head. I’d like to use this thread as a platform for white Bordeaux, giving it its 15 minutes in the wine-geek sun. If you were looking for an excuse to buy a bottle, pop a bottle, or to simply yap about white Bordeaux, here it is. I’ve got plenty of white claret locked and loaded for consumption over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll kick things off w/ a bottle of baby Carbonnieux, which showed beautifully last night.

Carbonnieux Blanc, '06
Beautifully crafted, classy white Bordeaux, w/ Sancerre-like scents of hay, green fruits, wilted flowers and ginger notes. The Sauvignon Blanc characteristics are buffered by a honeyed, waxy current of Semillon, which brings added dimension and complexity to the bouquet. The palate is lively and sharp, shaped by great detail, as the grassy, mineral bath-drenched fruit flavors end w/ the slightest hint of shaved vanilla bean on the finish. There's ample sweetness of fruit through & through, which prevents the acidity from becoming too severe. While it’s already outstanding, I wouldn't hesitate to put a few bottles down for consumption over the next decade, 91+ points.

Feel free to add any recent impressions of white Bordeaux to the thread…especially if it is under the radar and reasonably priced!


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