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Thursday, November 06, 2008

2007 Southern Rhone Value Advisory

In light of the trepidation that Chateauneuf du Pape will become the next 'Bordeaux' in terms of pricing, I have decided to make a weekly '07 Southern Rhone Value' tasting note post. While economic turmoil, a strengthening dollar and reduction in consumer confidence will likely contribute to a downfall in 'luxury goods' purchasing, the hype surrounding the '07 vintage in the Southern Rhone has left consumers jaded about an inevitable upsurge in pricing. Well folks, even if a couple brands can pull off ambitious pricing (as their scarcity & scores may provide enough of a push), the style of the vintage is sure to introduce new consumers to the region and believe me when I say values abound. T here is such a depth of quality from Cotes du Rhone to Lirac that 'baby Chateauneufs' will exist for fractions of the price tag that their more illustrious peers command and consumers from across the globe are certain to become acquainted w/ outstanding, less than household names like Ferrand and Milliere.

Get ready for the ride folks, the appellation is on a roll and the '07 train is leaving the station!


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