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Friday, June 09, 2006

Wine school drop out
Hang on to your stem wear folks, the introductory edition to my 'Unidentified Appellation' is a go for take off. Sniffing, swirling, and an occasional spitting will be the central theme of my commentary, w/ plenty of spiraling rants to keep the buzz alive. My anti-corporate mission statement is based on the sharing of passion that was spawn from the life blood of the vine. I will stimulate enological controversy, use brush strokes of irreverence, educate and be educated in the perplexingly fanatical chasm of the old new world's choice beverage (we, like wine, are all juxtaposed paradoxes aren't we?). My perspective usually lies in a hybrid position, away from the left & right spectrum temptation....but I do occasionally dabble in extremes. If Robert Parker can flourish as an independent advocate of the consumer, I think it's time he has a collective share of voice from a slightly different set palettes. I am not prepared to insure my nose for a million dollars, nor any other body part for that matter, but I assume nearly anything is possible. I have officially opened the forum and will throw down the wine gauntlet in thousands of posts to come, hopefully as evolving as the wines themselves. Consider my door open.


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